Three Ways a Chiropractor Can Help Heal Lower Back Pain

Many people deal with lower back pain. It is a common condition that a lot of people live with for years. Some people may not realize there are effective treatments that don't involve getting surgery or taking a lot of medications. Chiropractors have several ways to treat lower back pain that can offer long-lasting results.

Begin With Identifying the Problem

Chiropractors use a combination of examination and X-ray technology to identify what may be causing back pain. They will specifically look for bulging muscles and alignment issues that could be preventing the nerves, tissues, and spine from moving together as they should. By pinpointing the problem area in this way, finding the proper treatment is a lot easier. By seeing what movements cause you pain, you can start the prescribed treatment process during your first visit.

Spinal Decompression

One of the most common ways a chiropractor relieves and treats back pain is with spinal decompression. He or she may have you hang from a decompression chair that safely turns you upside down and allows your body to hang safely from your feet while relieving all pressure from your back and legs. This is one of the easiest ways to decompress the spine and disks and to improve overall alignment. A chiropractor can also show you various stretches you can do daily that will decompress your lower back while strengthening it against further compression issues. These are safe and easy for patients of all strength levels.

Adjustment and Massage

Chiropractors also use full-body adjustments to help a patient's entire musculoskeletal system align fully. Adjustments to each side of the neck, the legs, and the back are the best way to remove tension between the skeletal part of your body and your muscles. It can be the best way to relieve stress to the lower part of your back, and It can leave you feeling completely relaxed and a lot more agile. Some chiropractors will also use targeted massage techniques to relieve muscle and joint pain after an adjustment. 

In many cases, a thorough exam, decompression, massage, and full adjustments are effective enough to remove lower back issues. A misalignment in another part of your body can cause pain in another area, and that's why these adjustments are so important. If you want to avoid pain pills or surgery, then this might be the right approach for you. Learn more by contacting chiropractors such as Dr. Daniel Ybarra D.C.