Stretches Chiropractors Recommend For Treating Neck Pain

Many people overlook the neck as an important part of the body. The neck may not require a lot of strength to work, but you are sure to notice if your neck isn't working correctly. When you are not able to turn your head correctly or it hurts to move, chiropractic care therapy may be necessary.

Just as the rest of your body needs to stretch, so does your neck. Stretching your neck improves your range of motion, flexibility, and mobility. It also reduces your risk of injury. Chiropractors offer guidance for your body and healthy movement, which may involve recommending stretches.

These are some of the stretches you can do to see real results for your neck.

Head Tilts

One way to stretch your neck is to tilt your head slowly forward and backward. You can also tilt your head from side to side, bringing each ear toward its respective shoulder. Make sure to move slowly to avoid injury.

You can also roll your head around and bring your head to look over each shoulder. This will help your neck stretch out in those natural directions where you might be looking throughout the day.

Shoulder Rolls

Even if you do not feel stiff in your shoulders, rolling them can help stretch your neck and keep your body as mobile as possible. If you tend to hunch up your shoulders when you sit or stand, these rolls will help remind you to sit properly.

Corner Stretches

Stand a few feet away from the wall, facing a corner in your room. Keep your feet together and bring your forearms to the wall. You will lean in and feel a stretch across your chest and shoulders. This will also help bring more support and mobility to your corner.

The Best Time to Stretch Your Neck

If you have attended therapy or chiropractic sessions, you may have learned a lot about stretching. Your therapist may advise that you stretch before and after a workout. Pair your stretches with strength-building workouts for improved flexibility.

It's also a good idea to stretch in the morning. This will help you prepare for the day and avoid injury as you participate in your daily activities, like reaching taller shelves or picking up a child.

Chiropractic Care Helps Improve Your Neck Mobility

Do you want to avoid a neck issue? Chiropractic care can help you avoid neck pain and injuries that may result from a variety of painful circumstances. Reach out to a chiropractic clinic to learn more about improving neck pain.